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Romance, Romance, Romance!!!!!

I never really get over romance just because it is the day after Valentines Day. 

 First up are those two from Downton Abbey that seem like they would never go together but end up having fabulous screen Chemistry (yes with a capital “C”).  And is this the most romantic declaration of love?  Don’t you want someone living in a fog of mysery because they are away from you?

From Downton Abbey, Season 2:

“I’ve lived in such a fog of misery since I left you.”- Mr. Bates to Anna

Whitney Huston, such a tragic adult life.  Here is her fabulous ” I will always love you”:

Cyndy Lauper Time after Time, 1984,  Crazy hair and clothes but the sentiment is for all who love unconditionally.

Enrique, He can be my hero, yup I’m posting this again.

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Sexy Man Tuesday- Enrique

Maybe not everyone’s “Sexy Man” but he can belt out a very romantic tune while looking hot.  I saw him the other night on Fox’s X-Factor and had to give him a Tuesday slot.

And this is my fave Enrique ballad:


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