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Free on Nook and Kindle- David by Grace Burrowes

FREE now on Nook and Kindle but I don’t know for how long so go and grab it now. Below is my review from March 2014. I loved this book!

Title:  David (The Lonely Lords Series)


 Genre: Historical Romance

Author: Grace Burrowes

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca, March 2014

Source: Free for review from the publisher

Rating: 4.5

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from Amazon.com:

David, Viscount Fairly, has imperiled his honor…Letty Banks is a reluctant courtesan, keeping a terrible secret that brought her, a vicar’s daughter, to a life of vice. While becoming madam of Viscount Fairly’s high-class brothel is an absolute financial necessity, Letty refuses to become David’s mistress-though their attraction becomes harder to resist the more she learns about the man…

Perhaps a fallen woman can redeem it.David is smitten not only with Letty’s beauty, but also with her calm, her kindness, her quiet. David is determined to put respectability back in her grasp, even if that means uncovering the secrets Letty works so hard to keep hidden-secrets that could take her away from him forever…


Oh yes! Being a fallen woman is no fun at all in Regency England.  But being able to honor your responsibilities and have food on your table requires a woman to forgo many respectable employment opportunities.  So it happens with Letty Banks.  Lucky for her she meets up with David, Viscount Fairly, and he employs her as a Madam in his brothel.  Not respectable but she does not have to “go upstairs” with any customers.

This final installment in Burrowes’ Lonely Lords Series is the most gut wrenchingly emotional of the entire series.  I confess I went through many tissues while trying to turn pages and find out how the happily-ever-after would come about.  I have loved David through Burrowes’ series and I wanted him to find love.  Letty is a very sympathetic paramour.

If you have been following this series then you already know what wonderful dialog and characterization you are in for.  I look forward to more, more, more from Ms. Burrowes’ pen.




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Extra-Free E-Book Today- Dragonborn by Jade Lee




Dragon Born (book #1, Jade Lee’s Romantic Fantasies Series)


Description from Amazon .com:

When dragon power flows through your veins and dragon thoughts burn in your mind, you can accomplish anything. Natiya knows. She carries the last dragon egg in the land, disguised as a jewel in her navel.

Day by day the Unhatched grows. Upon its birth Natiya and the dragon will be joined. No longer will Natiya be forced to dance for pennies as a barmaid; she will become Dag Natiya, revered Queen.

Kiril, the king’s warrior dragon slayer, knows what happens when dragon power flows through your veins and dragon emotions trample your soul. You become a monster. He watched as one destroyed his cousin. That is why Kiril vowed to destroy all of dragonkind.

Now, only one egg remains. But an obstacle Kiril did not foresee stands in his way: love.

From Deet: I have not read this book…yet…but Jade Lee is one of my favorite authors and I LOVE free books so I can’t lose with this offer.  And… I think you will be a winner too if you take advantage. I don’t know how long this book will remain free.


“…imaginative and action-packed.” ~Publishers Weekly

THE JADE LEE ROMANTIC FANTASIES, in recommended reading order
A Magic King
Seduced by Crimson
Sexy Bites

The Regency Rags to Riches Series
A Lady’s Lessons Series

Jade Lee, a USA Today bestseller, has two passions (well, except for her family, but that’s a given). She loves dreaming up stories and playing racquetball, not always in that order. When her pro-racquetball career ended with a pair of very bad knees, she turned her attention to writing. An author of more than 30 romance novels, she’s decided that life can be full of joy without ever getting up from her chair.

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