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Hilarious One-Star Review of Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss

Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss

The following is from the product page on Amazon.com 1-star review:

Better Titles: “No means Yes: A Guide to Manipulating Others” or “How I Became an Addict”, March 11, 2014



This review is from: Green Eggs and Ham (Hardcover)

**Spoiler Alert** I will give away the ending so stop reading if you don’t want the spoiler. Synopses: a local dealer pressures a buyer into ingesting a strange substance for “free”. During 80% of the book, the protagonist clearly says “No”, but the substance dealer continues to pressure. In the end the protagonist is defeated, ingests the substance, and shows signs of addiction proclaiming outrageous ways in which he’ll take this new substance. There is no evidence that the antagonist will continue to provide free samples of the substance once the main character is addicted. This is done in rhyme & marketed to children. Many parents view this as a very positive book (as you can see from the reviews on Amazon). This author probably has 3 books in my top ten creepiest books of all time. Like this one, most antagonists exhibit extreme lack of respect of individual boundaries and dismiss the protests and views of others in careless disregard.

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