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Just a bit of Funny for a slow afternoon- Groupon’s Banana Bunker

Banana Bunker groupon-banana-hed-2015_0

Banana Bunkers (From Groupon.com but no longer available)

Ripe bananas can rest easy as they nestle within these protective Banana Bunkers. A hard plastic design protects the soft fruit from getting bruised or crushed in backpacks or purses, and a collapsible midsection expands and contracts to accommodate larger or smaller specimens . The BPA-free case is also dishwasher safe to prevent new bananas from tasting like old bananas.

  • Each set includes one clear, one orange, and one yellow case
  • Containers for individual bananas
  • Rigid plastic construction
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Collapsible midsection
  • BPA-free and dishwasher-safe design
  • Dimensions: Up to 8.75” (L) x 2.25” (W)

Here as seen on ADweek.com are some of the comments and answers concerning Banana Bunkers, enjoy:


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