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Review- His Mistletoe Wager by Virginia Heath

The Mistletoe Wager

Title: His Mistletoe Wager
Genre: Historical Romance/Holiday
Author: Virginia Heath
Source: Purchase for Kindle
Publisher: Harlequin Historical, Oct. 2017
Pages: 288
Rating: 5
Sexy rating: 5
Violence rating: 4
Christmasy Feeling: 4
Description from Amazon:

“Five berries equal the five separate kisses I challenge you to steal.”
Notorious rake Henry Stuart, Earl of Redbridge, is certain he’ll win his Christmas bet—until he learns he’ll be stealing Lady Elizabeth Wilding’s kisses. A woman who refuses to be charmed!
Once jilted, Lizzie must guard her heart, because the ton is unaware of her scandalous secret—her son! Despite their increasing attraction, she can’t risk the persistent Hal bringing down her defenses. But when her former fiancé returns, Lizzie realizes that perhaps Hal’s the one man she can trust—with her heart and her son…

Here is another gem of a story for the holidays. Her father who is determined to see her settled in a marriage is carting Lizzie to all the ton holiday events. But Lizzie has plans to go to a cottage in the north with her son ,Georgie, where they can live without fear of scandal. Hal has made a wager with his brother-in-law, Aaron, that he can steal 5 kisses from Lizzie before Twelthnight. All manner of attraction, lust, villainany and secrets abound.

Terrific characterizations, a strong heroine and a handsome hero plus some excellent prose and plotting. All add up to a 5 star romance.


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