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Friday Hotness- two videos Outlander’s Jamie and Claire and Jensen Ackles

I live where it is HOT year round.  Today was one of the hottest, especially when I went to You Tube.  Do you watch Starz’ Outlander?  Hm-m-m, yes, fanning myself here.  This post is definitely rated “R” or maybe “X”, whatever ….you can thank me by following my blog. Oh yes, and just as a bonus I’m reposting a view of hot Jensen Ackles while Brittany Spears sings.  Oh, oh, I’m out of breath.  Hope you all enjoy this Friday Hotness.


And all of you lovelies who are already following my blog you may have to go to my blog to see these vids.








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Sexy Man Tuesday- Jensen Ackles

I know, I know… I’ve been saying I would try and keep celebs out of “Sexy Man” day but some celebs just seem to appear here almost like I can’t control them.  So-o-o-o…. Jensen Ackles is one of them who just jumped from his role as Dean Winchester on the TV show SUPERNATURAL to Sexy Man Tuesday.  What can I say….he fits the title.

Video by Smirkygirl who says: “Shameless Dean-as-Eye-Candy video set to ‘Breathe On Me’ by Britney Spears (cause honestly, isn’t that all he’d have to do?)”


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