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Book- 101 Uses for My Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress by Kevin Cotter

101 Uses For My Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress by Kevin Cotter

(Available Now)

I haven’t read this book or been to Kevin’s blog but the pics at E.W. were hysterical. I thought you might like to take a look.  there were some people who objected to the desicration of the gown (in the comment area) but I think since his ex didn’t care why should anyone else. Take a look.  whadayathink?


Book Blurb:

In the tradition of “Sh*t My Dad Says” and “Stuff White People Like” comes a hilarious book based on Kevin Cotter’s popular blog, “My Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress”.

When Kevin’s wife left him, she had no interest in grabbing her wedding dress on the way out. “What am I going to do with it?” he asked “Whatever the f**k you want,” she replied. After careful consideration, he did what any newly-divorced man would do-made it into a scarecrow, pasta strainer, dental floss, and 98 other things-while posting accompanying photos, videos, and witty commentary on his website.

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