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6 Fridays til Christmas Review- Lady Jenny’s Christmas Portrait by Grace Burrowes

Title: Lady Jenny’s Christmas Portrait

Lady Jenny's Christmas Portrait

Genre:  Holiday Historical Romance

Author: Grace Burrowes

Publisher: Sourcebook/Casablanca, Sept 24, 2013

Source: Free for review from the publisher

Rating: 4.5

Sexy Rating: 5

Christmasy Feeling: 4.5

Description from amazon.com:

What Lady Jenny wants for Christmas…

For Christmas, soft-spoken Lady Jenny Windham craves the freedom to pursue her artistic ambitions, though it will mean scandalizing her ducal parents and abandoning all hope of a family of her own. She confides her plans to successful artist Elijah Harrison when he’s commissioned to paint a portrait of her small nephews, because assisting Elijah will bring Jenny that much closer to her heart’s desire–won’t it?

…Will break both their hearts

Elijah Harrison finds in his unlikely assistant not only an inspiring muse and unappreciated talent, but also a lovely and passionate woman. If Elijah supports Jenny’s career, his own professional interests will suffer, but more significantly, he will lose Jenny forever. Both Jenny and Elijah must choose between true love and a lifelong dream.


Lady Jenny is a daughter of her time, the early 19th century, where women are not expected to have value above being objects for breeding children and running households.  That is why her family sees her painting ability as “hobby” rather than the professional brilliance that it is.  They expect her to marry well or spend her life as a spinster, devoted and doting as aunt to her brother’s and sister’s children.  Lady Jenny has other plans; she is going to go to Paris where women artists are accepted….at least that is her plan for after the holidays.

Elijah, Earl of Bernward, has spent his life developing his art and his recognition as a portraitist.  When he meets Lady Jenny at her brother’s house he is impressed with her artistic ability and appalled at her family’s inability to recognize it. Jenny asks to assist him in his painting of her nephews’ portrait.  Mutual interest in painting and art develops into a romance that appears doomed by the ambition of both artists.

“ He brought fistfuls of gold forward over her shoulders and buried his face in the abundance of it.  “if I live to be a hundred, the scent of Jasmine will bring me back to this moment.”…..

“When I’m in Paris, I will miss you, Elijah.  If I live to be a hundred, I will miss you.” “

This lusciously romantic novel will leave you enthralled with these characters for days if not for always.  Burrowes brings us a well researched look at artists and their dedication to their art set in the Regency Era. This is book #8 in Ms. Burrowes’ Windham Series and an utter delight as well as a standalone novel.


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