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Recent Release Review- Trident Code by Thomas Waite

Title: Trident Code (Lana Elkin series, book #2)

Trident Code

Genre: Techno-Thriller

Author: Thomas Waite

Publisher: 47 North, May 2015

Pages: 336

Source: Free for review from the publisher

Rating: 4

Sexy Rating: some sexual assault, not explicit but may be disturbing to some.

Description from Amazon.com:

Ruthless cyberhackers seize a US nuclear submarine, training its most powerful weapon on a target so unusual, yet so vulnerable, that a successful strike could change the face of the earth for millions of years. With the world held hostage, former NSA operative Lana Elkins must join forces with a mysterious computer mastermind—who might be working with the enemy—to avert this unprecedented Armageddon. Intrigue, power, and blackmail force Lana to fight on all fronts—land, sea, air, and in cyberspace—to prevent the worst catastrophe in human history.


Yes, I do read a thriller now and then.  In days gone by I read them exclusively but then the Berlin Wall came down and I rather lost interest in Jason Bourne.  This book pricked my interest since it speaks to a new kind of evil in the world, that of cyber hackers who could cause mass devastation with their evil intentions.

Thomas Waite’s latest Lana Elkin novel can certainly get the adrenaline pumping. What could be more terrorizing than the destruction of the world as we know it by terrorists using nuclear warheads directed at the glacial masses in Antarctica, The result would be massive global flooding. From the description of this book we know Lana will be using her genius to fight the terrorists. The villain is all wrapped up in one sociopathic package, Oleg, a Russian cyber hacking genius. His evil is not confined to global treachery, even his private life is filled with his villainy. His girlfriend Galina does not share in his villainous desires and attempts to make her escape with her cancer ridden daughter.

If you like lots of action and breathtaking suspense, you will get it in this novel. You will also get some really ugly scenes of human terror and torture and scenes of Lana’s personal life that will take you out of the story totally. If it weren’t for the boring side story of Lana’s impossible fifteen-year old daughter, Emma, I might have given this book 5 stars.

This is not a bad book but I feel this author could have made it so much better.

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