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Recent Release Review- Secrets of Seduction by Nicole Jordan

Title: Secrets of Seduction (Legendary Lovers Series, Book #3)

Secrets of Seduction

Genre: Historical Romance

Author: Nicole Jordan

Publisher: Ballantine Books, April 29, 2014

Source: Free for review from the publisher

Rating: 3.5

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from Amazon.com:

The most charming Wilde cousin, Lady Skye has secretly loved the enigmatic Earl of Hawkhurst since girlhood, long before the tragedy that left him scarred both physically and emotionally. When Skye learns that the celebrated hero has returned to England from his self-imposed exile to make a cold marriage of convenience, she brazenly plants herself on his castle doorstep, determined to convince Hawk that she alone is his true mate and destiny. An elite member of the Guardians of the Sword, Hawk has vowed never again to risk the pain of loving—but that’s before he deals with the most enchanting, annoyingly persistent seductress he’s ever encountered. One night of blazing passion leaves him impossibly torn. Will Hawk choose duty over love, or will he open his heart and let Skye’s healing light penetrate his darkness?

From the Author:

SECRETS OF SEDUCTION. The youngest Wilde cousin, Lady Skye (a delightfully charming Beauty who doesn’t understand the word “No”), teaches a reclusive, emotionally scarred nobleman (the Beast) to love again. Fans of my Paradise series (which stopped with #4, FEVER DREAMS) will be glad to know I’m bringing back the gorgeous, enigmatic Earl of Hawkhurst (aka Hawk) and finally giving him a well-deserved happy ending to wrap up the Paradise series.


This third offering in the Legendary Lovers series was a light, fast, sweet and sexy read. Nicole Jordan has written many Historical Romances and her ability to tell a page turning story is very evident in this series. Her character development is exemplified by the protagonists’ personalities carrying through the entire book. Lady Skye is a happy, sunny, determined beauty and Hawk is a dark, noble, honorable, shattered soul, a beast; thus the theme of Beauty and The Beast. It is a fairytale and we long for Skye to get her Earl charming and Hawk to be redeemed by the love of a beautiful woman.

There are some moments of the 21st century sensibilities creeping into this Regency era story. Lady Skye is probably far too bold and wanton for a woman of the time period, but she is forgiven because she is on an altruistic mission to not only land herself Lord Hawkshire but to find her uncle’s one true love. This was a good story, with some fearful moments and some very sensuous scenes.


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