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Extra News- Outlander novel to be a Cable TV series

Blogger friend Diana over at Paranormal Romance had this big news.  Check out her blog.


It’s true. We’re gonna get a cable TV series for OUTLANDER! Let the casting calls begin. OK — it’s a little too early for that but here’s what Diana Gabaldon posted on her Facebook page today:

WELL, ALRIGHTY, THEN… Yes! It _is_ true; while final contracts aren’t yet signed, we do have a deal with Sony Pictures for development of a cable-TV (as in HBO, Netflix, Starz, Showtime, whatever…that kind of thing) series.

Want more deets? Deadline Hollywood reports that Ron Moore   — developer/executive producer of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA will write the series adaptation. Sony Pictures TV bought the rights. The project, according to Deadline Hollywood, will be taken to cable networks this week. The complete story from Deadline Hollywood is HERE.

Here’s what Ron Moore (@RonDMoore) and Diana Gabaldon (@Writer_DG ) are saying on their Twitter feeds about the deal:

Big fan of @Writer_DG’s Outlander books for many years, excited for the opportunity to do a FAITHFUL interpretation!

@RonDMoore Now go tell that to the 10K people going nuts on my Facebook page. <g>

Here is a video that will give you an idea of the story.  I don’t view the characters quite this way but it is a good overview of the story.
Who do you see as Jamie and Claire?  I see me as Claire….okay…maybe not.
Now this is my idea of Jamie Fraser, Gabriel Aubrey:


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