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Deet’s Glorious Adventure (the Finale)

No events were planned until 1pm so I got to sleep-in. Yeah, right. I was on east coast time the entire week so on this final day I awoke at 5am just like the other days. I was being really lazy in the morning, uploading photos to my computer, reading a bit on my Kindle. At 1pm I made my way to the Grand Pennington Ballroom where the Book Fair and signing was held. Here we have the two Sabrinas, York and Jeffries. At the last table is Karen Hawkens and Lorraine Heath. The bottom photo is fuzzy but I wanted you to see the entire signing room.


There was about 3hours between the book signing and the Grand Ball.  I was invited to go to dinner with the fab Victoria Vane and Julie Johnstone and Collette Cameron.

We were so caught up in conversation and laughter that time got away from us and we hurried back to the hotel to get ready for the Grand Ball. The food was Hor D’Oeuvres and Dessert.

But the gowns were the big attraction as well as the beautiful women wearing them. Yes there were a few men attending and dancing. It was a fairytale setting. first u[ our hostess Delilah Marvelle, then our other hostess Renee Bernard, next a view of the back of the gowns. Next (can I ever take a decent photo? Guess not, but wanted to show you.) Victoria Vane and the ladies wearing the gowns she sewed for them. Victoria also made her gown. Then comes Erin Knightly just beautiful! Next we have Elizabeth Essex, Tessa Dare and Victoria Vane (this one taken at an earlier event). Next is terrific blogger Ki Pha. Last and certainly not least Lovely Wendy Loverage,book reviewer, all the way from England.


The next morning there was a continental breakfast gathering before we all bid our farewells.  Oh, and here is the Dowager Duchess of La Deetda Reads:



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Sexy Man Tuesday- Matthew McConaughey

Here he is, as you requested Kris.  He must spend a lot of his time in the gym and at the beach.



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Sexy Man Tuesday- Happy Valentine’s Day

Ah-h-h today is for lovers and sexy men…Hope your day is lover-ly.

Did you know that Caroline Herrera has bottled 212 sexy men? Round of applause for Caroline!

And finally a tribute to one of the most famous couples of the twentieth century. Passion’s own:


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Sexy Man Tuesday- Gone but not forgettable

Woo Hoo! Who says modern times has the market cornered on gorgeous men.  Just take a gander at some of these old timers.  So the hair, facial and head, isn’t so becoming on some, but let your imagination run away with you.  Maybe we should just categorize all of them into the “Oozing Hotness” category.  These are deguarotypes with the earliest dating from 1839.

This is Fridtjof Nansen, 1897, age 36, Norwegian explorer and Nobel Laureate.(dig the spikey hair!!)

Next is Angelo Colarossi, 1867, artist’s model ( he could be a movie star today)

Oh my, I see two horses and a lot of swooning…Hermann Rorschach, 1910, developer of the inkblot test. (Brad Pitt look-alike?)

No date for this one, Bonaface Berkmyer, train lineman ( absolute Rake, right?)

This is Robert Cornelius,1839, one of the first daguerrotypes ever made. ( we are ever so grateful! He could be one of those Lords in the Historical Romances.)

Photos reblogged from: http://mydaguerreotypeboyfriend.tumblr.com/


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