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Carrying a Torch for Moonlight

Moonlight Alex 2

Confession time:  I’ve never gotten over the cancellation of the TV show MOONLIGHT (2007-2008).   The one about the vampire, Mick St. John, played by Alex O’Laughlin and the internet reporter, Beth, played by Sophia Miles.  Actually I never saw every show in the season until I got the total DVD collection.  I loved the whole concept of vampire romance and still do. And there is nothing like a handsome sexy vampire on Halloween.   Here are a couple of vids that will show you what you missed in case you missed the show back in the day.

I just want to make love to you (Etta James)

Love song for a Vampire (Annie Lennox)

So tell me, any of you still carrying a torch for an old TV show or movie or Alex O’Laughlin lookalike?


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