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Review- Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue by Stephanie Laurens

Title: Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue (Bk #1 in The Cynster Sisters Trilogy)

Genre: Historical Romance

Author: Stephanie Laurens

Publisher: Avon, 2011

Source: Free for review from Amazon Vine Program

Rating: 3.5

Sexy rating: 5, explicit

Description from the author’s website:

Determined to hunt down her very own hero, one who will sweep her off her feet and into wedded bliss, and despairing of finding him in London’s staid ballrooms, Heather Cynster steps out of her safe world and boldly attends a racy soiree.

But her promising hunt is ruined by the supremely interfering Viscount Breckenridge, who whisks her out of scandal-and straight into danger when a mysterious enemy seizes her, bundles her into a coach, and conveys her out of London.

Now it’s up to the notorious Breckenridge to prove himself the hero she’s been searching for all along.


This was a decent book but it had flaws.  The characters, both main and side characters, were all well developed with fascinating personalities.   The plot moved along at a slow pace that after awhile I found too slow.  This was a long book, about 437 pages, and it could have lost about a hundred pages and rated a higher score from me.  There was much repetition in all areas of the plot.  I was as bored as the heroine waiting at the inn in Gretna Green.  And as much as the heroine, and I, love a good sex scene there was nothing in the first half of the book and then nonstop sex in the second half. The hero and heroine were clueless about their love for each other and then tried to deny it, eventually, with sudden inspiration, they admit to what every reader knew for some time.

In spite of my multiple objections the story held my interest probably because of the well drawn personalities of all the characters which is a tribute to the author.  Ms Laurens is an accomplished writer and her experience with creating vivid scenes is foremost throughout this novel.

Book #2 IN PURSUIT OF ELIZA CYNSTER , coming in October 2011



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