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Recent E-Book Release Review- A Stolen Season by Tamara Gill

Title: A Stolen Season

A Stolen Season

Genre: Time Travel Romance/Regency/Novella

Author: Tamara Gill

Publisher: Entangled, Feb. 2014

Source: Free for review from the publisher

Rating: 4

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from Amazon.com:

One small mistake in the past will change everything about her future…

Archaeologist Sarah Baxter just broke one of the biggest rules of time travel: leaving a piece of 21st­century equipment in 19th century Regency England. Unfortunately, when she goes back to retrieve it, she makes an even bigger mess of things—resulting in the death of an English Earl. Now his brother is not only out for revenge, but he also has Sarah’s device. Which means an entirely different approach is needed.

It doesn’t occur to the new Earl of Earnston that his charming acquaintance is responsible for his brother’s death. He is merely swept away by a passion that threatens his very reputation. Yet he gets the distinct impression that Miss Baxter is hiding something from him. Now Sarah must find a way to steal back her device, hide the truth about the earl’s brother and—most importantly— not fall in love…


Sarah works for a time travel archeology firm run by her father, after leaving the “mapping device” in Regency England she and associate, Richard go back to retrieve it. Twice. The first time she causes the Earl’s death. The second time she falls in love with the new Earl. Richard seems a bit of an add-on, totally superfluous. I kept wishing the author would either write him in the story or take him out. The characters of Sarah and Eric, the Earl, were well developed and we could totally understand Eric’s obsession with revenge for the death of his brother.

I really liked the ending, it brought tears to my eyes with how tender and sweet it was. This book had a very interesting and unique plot that kept me reading until the wee hours. I wanted more background on this mapping device earlier in the story. I also wanted a bit more depth in Sarah’s affiliation with her father’s company and her relationship with her father. I’m sure I would have liked this novella even more if it had been a full length book because I did have questions that went unanswered.


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