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Review- The Runaway Duke by Julie Anne Long

Title: The Runaway Duke

The runaway Duke

Genre: Historical Romance

Author: Julie Anne Long

Publisher: Warner forever, 2004

Source: purchase

Rating: 4.5

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from amazon.com:

Ruined! No one could ever accuse Rebecca Tremaine of being a proper young lady. She’s wretched at embroidery, pitiful at the pianoforte, and entirely too informed about the human body, courtesy of her father’s scientific journals. And now she’s been compromised by a dandy she despises! When her parents arrange a hasty marriage, there is only one man she can turn to for help. Rescued! No one knows that Irish groom Connor Riordan is the fifth Duke of Dunbrooke, “killed” in action at Waterloo, and he wants it to stay that way. But a true gentleman never turns away a damsel in distress. Soon Connor and Rebecca dash away-only to be pursued by bumbling highwaymen, a scheming duchess, and Rebecca’s fiance. Ravished! Being with the beautiful and desirable Rebecca jeopardizes Connor’s secret every day-and tests his willpower every night. For if ever there was a reason to bring the Duke of Dunbrooke back from the dead, it would be to make Miss Tremaine his Duchess!



This is an early novel of Julie Anne Long.  I found this book to be as entertaining as her more recent Pennyroyal Green Series.  There was the expected lovely romance but also much action and adventure on the road with colin and Rebecca.  Colin did some things that made me wonder why this usually intelligent hero was doing something that was not in his best interest but of course all works out in the end.  Long writes a terrific feisty, independent heroine and a hero who is every regency miss’ desire.




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