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Recent Release Review-The Untouchable Earl by Amy Sandas


Title: The Untouchable Earl (Fallen Ladies, book #2)

Genre: Historical Romance

Author: Amy Sandas

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca, Nov. 2016

Source: Free for review from the publisher

Pages: 416

Rating: 2

Sexy Rating: 5

Violence Rating: 4

Description from Amazon.com:

He’s a reclusive Earl with a painful secret that’s kept him from knowing a lover’s touch. She’s a sheltered debutante tired of living by society’s rules. But when she’s forced from the ballroom to the brothel, Lily discovers the dark thrill of falling from grace…and into the arms of a man who could destroy her as easily as he saved her.

Lily Chadwick has spent her life playing the respectable debutante. But when an unscrupulous moneylender snatches her off the street and puts her up for auction at a pleasure house, she finds herself in the possession of a man who fills her with breathless terror and impossible yearning.

Though the Earl of Harte claimed Lily with the highest bid, he hides a painful secret—one that has kept him from knowing the pleasure of a lover’s touch. Even the barest brush of skin brings him physical pain, and he’s spent his life keeping the world at arm’s length. But there’s something about Lily that maddens him, bewitches him, compels him…and drives him toward the one woman brave and kind enough to heal his troubled heart.

“Are you afraid?” “Yes,” she replied in a soft voice. “But I love the way you frighten me.”


That description sounds intriguing, right? Well, I thought so, that’s why after reading book #1 (Luck Is No Lady) in this series and giving it 4 stars I thought this one would be just as good if not better.  I was wrong.  Although it has a terrific premise the execution was downright repetitive. The book starts out good, but then it becomes the same scene done a slightly different way over and over.  I didn’t like the characters and although they “talked” attraction, I never got the feeling that there was very much emotional attachment. Yes, he saved her, yes, he stares into her eyes forever and she his, yes, he acts mysterious…wait, that’s not mysterious, that’s just boredom.

Okay, you get it, this one I can’t recommend.  




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