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Outlander, Season One Vol. One, Pre-order Available

Calling all of you Time Travel junkies, Jamie Fans, Gabaldon Gals, Claire wannabe’s.  If you were thwarted in your efforts to watch the first part of OUTLANDER on STARZ cable, as I was, then you may want to pick up the DVD.  I’ve got my preorder in, and can’t wait until it arrives on March 3rd for some marathon viewing.

Outlander DVD

Outlander DVD Preorder

B & N= $27.95 and up

Amazon= $24.99 and up


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Halloween Treat from Deet — Stephen Amell and TV’s Sexy guys

No tricks only treats this Halloween.  Yeah, I know you’ve been missing Sexy Man Tuesday so today the treat is a hottie that you can see each week on the CW’s  new show ARROW, Stephen Amell.  And after you get to understand the meaning of sexy comic book characters there is a video of other hunky TV guys.

What is it about a buff guy wearing a hoodie.  The first time I thought this was hot was when I saw that “Assassin’s Creed” guy wearing that hood as he leveled everyone in the video game.  But let me tell you, watching Stephen Amell as Oliver Green in ARROW is a heck of a lot hotter than an animated guy.  Well just take a look………….

those other guys are worth a look, too.

The CW sure doesn’t mind showing off his bod…..

Although I can’t swear he does all those fantastic stunts in the show, they certainly are impressive.  But you know I love  his pretty face……

Ah-h-h-h and now for all those other sexy TV guys…..   the music is a bit Freaky so play it softly at work but definitely listen….

Oh Yeah…You’re welcome.

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