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Release Day Review- What a Highlander’s Got To Do by Sabrina York

What A Highlander's Got to Do

Title: What A Highlander’s Got To Do (Untamed Highlanders book #5)
Genre: Historical Romance
Author: Sabrina York
Source: Free for review from the publisher
Publisher: Swerve, March 6, 2018
Pages: 243
Rating: 4.5
Sexy rating: 5
Violence rating: 4
Description from Amazon:

Isobel Dounreay Lochlannach is a fierce and independent Scots lass. She has no intention to marry—to submit to a man—especially not an Englishman.
But when she meets a devilish stable lad on the way to London, she can’t help but sneak a kiss with the handsome stranger, sure to never see him again.
Nick Wyeth is not a stable lad. He’s Viscount Stirling, and heir to one of the most powerful dukes in the realm. If their indiscretion is discovered, Isobel will be forced to marry him, to succumb to a fate she has always spurned. Nick wants nothing but to call this wild Scottish lass his own, and is determined to show her how an English Viscount can make her swoon, and be his forever.

This book has bonnie lass, Isobel, in lust (or is it love?) with a gorgeous stable hand who is actually an English Viscount, Nick. (Isobel is the hellion, 5 year old from book #2 in this series, Susana and The Scot.) Nick doesn’t get to set her straight until they meet in London for the Season. Nick is in love with Isobel but Isobel has a deep prejudice against Englishmen and especially English Lords. Her attraction to Nick doesn’t wane when she finds out his station but she is determined not to marry him.

If you are looking for dialog that runs the gamut from eloquent to witty to sexy, if you like sexual tension that makes your own heart pound and if you want a darn good plot, this is the book for you. It is a standalone book but characters from previous books in the series do play important roles in this book. Did I mention that there are laugh-out-loud moments as well as some adventure. You can’t go wrong if you like those handsome Highlanders, Scots, English Lords and smart conniving Mamas as well as a feisty heroine. I highly recommend this book as well as this most entertaining series.

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(Here comes a cover complaint from Deet: On this cover the woman is wearing makeup that would never be worn in the Regency Era. Please publishers, pay attention to details.)

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